Sorting line for crates with empty bottles

Sorting line for crates.

Sorting line for crates with empty bottles


Brewery Velké Popovice

Customer description:

Historical records mentioning the brewery in Velké Popovice date back to the 14th century and some of them complemented the great quality of beers produced here.

It has been standing sid-by-side with the capital city of Prague for more than 135 years. The first batch produced by the brewery, which was established by Prague industialist Baron Ringhoffer was brewed here in December 1874. Since 1999 the brewery in Velké Popovice has been a part of the famous Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s. company, and also a member of the SABMiller brewing group.

Customer requirements:

Before the bottle unloader the crates have to be sorted for correct and uncorrect ones. A recognition of the crates and also the empty bottles was necessary.

Our solution:

In cooperation with the company Recop we have proposed a detection and sorting line for detection of the correct crates and the correct bottles.

Our conveyors ensure the sorting of the crates according the detection result in 2 streams – correct and uncorrect.

We have used a continual divider, crate inspector RECASORT 831 and slat chain conveyors.

The correct crates continue into the following operations.

The uncorrect crates are transported onto a manual workplace where the bottles/crates are corrected and reintroduced back onto the transport system.

Realisation date:


Sorting line for crates with empty bottles