About us

About us

Company Atrima builds on RESPONSIBILITY to customers, employees, partners and the environment. It was established in 2005 by 3 co-owners who have had many years of experience in the field of handling technology. It employs around 45 highly qualified employees. Thanks to their work and expertise, we can solve also very demanding realizations.

Assortment and focus

Atrima develops, designs and manufactures complete custom-made lines for general engineering and food, automotive, bottling and woodworking industries.

We offer services aimed at significantly reducing the operating costs of your production while minimizing investment.

The main products of the company are palletizers, depalletisers, manipulators, robotic workplaces, inserters, unloaders and goods transport- conveyors. The main products include individual units – tedders, augers, elevators and turnstiles, directional and dampers, special devices – unloaders, hangers and control scales.

Atrima is divided into construction, manufacturing, service, business, economy and purchasing divisions. These divisions fully ensure a high quality, flexible, efficient and self-sustaining business.


Fast and quality warranty service

In our solutions, we offer our clients exclusively high quality and proven technology associated with professional installation. However, we consider the provision of reliable warranty service to all technology supplies as one of the cornerstones of our services.

Post-warranty service

Our services do not finish for You by selling, installing technology and ending the warranty period. Besides warranty service, it is obvious for us to provide post-warranty service for all deliveries and realizations. We consider it an important part of successful long-term cooperation.


If you enter into a contractual relationship with us, your personal data will be processed according to GDPR – Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the EU Council. These are personal data processed by law required to enter into a contractual relationship. Personal data will be retained for the duration of the contractual relationship and under the Act on Accounting and Data Archiving.

Scope of personal data and processing purposes

We process personal data that you entrust to us yourself, for the following reasons (to fulfill these purposes):

  • provision of services, performance of the contract your personal data in the range: name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail we absolutely need to fulfill the contract (delivery of goods, sending information about the order).
  • bookkeeping – if you are a customer, we urgently need your personal data (invoicing data) to comply with legal obligations for the issuance and registration of tax documents.
  • marketing – sending information e-mails and invitations to trade fairs

If you want to contact us during processing, you can contact us by e-mail: atrima@atrima.cz

Company values and vision

  1. Customer satisfaction with products and service

  2. Employee satisfaction, friendly working relationships and environment

  3. High quality and reliability of our products and Services

  4. Security first

  5. Friendly and fair relations with all business partners

  6. Offer the customer always the best technical solution to achieve the highest possible production efficiency

  7. We focus on science and research in the a long term and constantly improve in the business and we use the latest findings.

  8. We cooperate with professional high schools and universities on the development of products.

  9. We provide internships and programs for students. We offer cooperation with the creation of diploma thesis.