Robotical palletisation of cardboard packings

Conveyor system for packs with cardboard packings to a robotical palletisation.

Robotical palletisation of cardboard packings


THIMM Obaly, k.s., Všetaty

Customer description:

THIMM Packaging offers You tailor-made packaging solutions and individual corrugated cardboard concepts.

We advise you comprehensively and accompany you all over Europe – from the first step to the finished product. With functional transport packagings or retail ready, promotionally successful shelf packagings or sales packagings tailored to your requirements.

Customer requirements:

With a new production line for cardboard packings a new robotical palletisation with minimal built area was required.

The customer request was to palletise stacks of cardboard packings on a pallet or creating of piles of the packings and its transport to the storage without a pallet.

Our solution:

We have used an industry robot ABB with a head of our own design.

The transport system for the cardboard packings leads from the straping machine to the current accumulation conveyors before the shuttle car.

From the straping machine the packings are transported by a modular belt conveyor to a turning table which is able to turn up to +/-180°. By the turning of the packings we are able to create the requested layer patterns on the following turning table. The layer pattern is created by rows and pushed onto the transfer table. When the layer is complete the robot grips the layer and brings this on the pallet. The pallets are transported on roller conveyors. The line is also equipped with an interlayer applicator for different sizes of interlayers.

Realisation date:


Robotical palletisation of cardboard packings