Robotic palletization of barrels

Robotic palletization of barrels

Complex solutions for palletization and depalletization in the brewing industry.


Thanks to the installation of the robot, it is possible to switch to multi-shift operation and at significantly reduced costs to significantly increase production capacity, increase production and build a stronger market position.

Solution: The system must automatically recognize which barrels (30 or 50L) are sent to the line for depalletizing and which barrels (30 or 50L) exit the palletizing line. Forklift loads empty barrels, the dedabbler always sends only one pallet with barrels for depalletization.

Basic description Depalletization and palletization of barrels, the line runs simultaneously with 30 and 50L barrels.

Only stainless steel barrels 30 and 50L are depalletized by robot, the others are depalletized by hand.

Power of the filler Max. 120 barrels/hour
Guaranteed machine performance 120 barrels/hour
Manipulated goods – dimensions, weight, orientation Barrels 15L, 30L a 50L stainless steel Barrels 30L plastic
Orientation on the pallet, Stainless steel barrels: 6 identical barrels on a pallet The robot palletizes barrels in two modes:

1.    One pallet with barrels (30L or 50L)

2.    Pallets in the pallet-barrel / pallet-barrel composition

Number of products on the layer One layer
Number of layers One or two layers of barrels
Pallet – type, size, max. height, orientation EUR
Robotic palletization of barrels