Palletizer for PET and glass bottles with milk

Linear palletizer for palletizing of group packages with PET or glass bottles on an EURO pallet.

Palletizer for PET and glass bottles with milk


BOHEMILK, a.s. , Opočno, Czech republic

Customer description:

The Opočno dairy has been founded in 1936. It is situated in the heart of eastern Bohemia todays Hradec Kralove region. It is processing the best quality milk from the Orlicke mountains one of the least environmentally contaminated regions in Czech republic.
Since 2001 the dairy has the ISO 9001:1994 Quality certificate which was 2004 changed to ISO 9001:2000. Also from 2004 the dairy is holde of the HACCP Certificate and a Certificate for BIO yogurt.

Customer requirements:

For a new filling line for PET and glass bottles a new palletizer with minimal space requirements was necessary.
The aim of the diary was to purchase the best available technology for palletizing of bottles with application of interlayers between the individual layers. This requirement was best met by our linear palletiser.

Our solution:

We have used our linear palletizer with a transfer head with a plate system. The machine enables automatical interlayer application. The line is equipped with a refurbished semi-automatic wrapping machine.

The palletizer is made from liear modules of Atrima design. The module AP-6H ensures the movement in X-Axis (horizontal), the telescopic module AP-6V-T ensures the movement in Y-Axis (vertical). The transfer head is fixed on the AP-6V-T module. The head is made of a rigid frame where the palletizing plate is fixed and guided.

Technical specification:

Capacity 3.000 bottles/hour
Pallet EURO pallet
Product PET bottles, glass bottles
Control system VIPA
Pneumatical components FESTO
Gearboxes and drives SEW

Realisation date:


Palletizer for PET and glass bottles with milk