Palletizer for KEG barrels

Designed to handle up to 300 barrels per hour by their current turning and capping.

Palletizer for KEG barrels


Brewery ZUBR Přerov

Customer description:

Přerovský Zubr brewery won the most awards in the competition PIVEX Gold Cup – beer 2012. Bison Gold was the absolute winner. The best light lager is Zubr premium.
Among pale draft beers the jury has choosen Zubr gold.

Customer requirements:

The brewery began in 2006 with the preparations for the construction of a new bottling hall. It also involved the filling line for KEG barrels.

The aim was the acquisition of as possible the latest technology available for filling beer into stainless steel KEG barrels. This requirement was best met by a design solution with palletizing of the KEG barrels using an industrial robot.

Our solution:

We used a six-axis industrial robot. The robot does in accordance with the required capacity beside the palletization also the capping and the turning of the barrels.

Atrima proposed a powerful and technically unique solution for the palletization using an industrial robot. The result is 100% technological palletization efficiency, trouble-free operation and highest working safety.
The used ABB robot IRB 460 is the fastest palletizing robot in the world.


Realisation date:


Palletizer for KEG barrels