Palletiser for trays with cups

Unconventionally designed palletizer with minimal space requirements. Can be used wherever conventional palletizers don´t fit.

Palletiser for trays with cups


Dairy KUNÍN – Ostrava Martinov

Customer description:

Almost 65 years we supply Czech and Slovak customers the highest quality dairy products. The whole time we strictly pay attention to the quality of input raw materials and are constantly reviewing the quality of production processes to keep the quality of products. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic has appreciated our products by awarding us the KlasA mark. Four times we have been honored good brand in the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Customer requirements:

The dairy had a task to replace in minimum space strenuous and repetitive work with a new automatic equipment.

The intention was to automate the end of dairy production lines in very cramped conditions and thus make savings of labor. At the same time, there was an emphasis on the use of modern technology. This requirement were best fulfilled by our proposal of a palletizing solutions using linear guideway, which in their conceptual solution saves floor space.

Our solution:

We used linear modules with three telescopic arms. Each arm was fitted with a transmitting efector of Atrima own design. One arm always operates two production lines. Each line has two storage places. The main advantage of this solution is minimal built-up area and the accuracy of storing the cartons on a pallet.

Tray palletiser AP143 consists of linear modules designed by Atrima. AP-6H ensures the movement of the transmitting head in the x-axis (horizontal motion), telescopic module AP-6V-T ensures movement in the y-axis (vertical movement). On the beams of the AP-6V-T the transfer head is fixed. The head is made from a rigid frame on which the guiding of the transfer sheet which transfers the cartons is mounted. Energy connections for both motion axes are solved using plastic folding racks.
Portal manipulator is executed as a rigid biaxial system for the mounting of a gripping head. The gantry system is a linear portal size AP – 6 from Atrima. The main beam has a cross section of 302x302mm, so it is very stiff in bending and torsion. The drive of the horizontal axisis is via a gear rack and pinion.
Vertical telescopic axis moves along the axis and is also formed by a rigid profile with guiding trolleys. Rails and racks are high precision machine components, which are designed for quiet operation without wear.
to ensure the lubrication of the gear rack a grease felt pinion is mounted on the moving axis. Lubrication points are identified and the frequency of lubrication is described in the machine lubrication schedule.

Realisation date:


Palletiser for trays with cups