Palletiser for trays with cups

Cooling of galvanized material in baskets by a cooling bath.

Palletiser for trays with cups


Signum Hustopeče

Customer description:

Company SIGNUM exists since 1991. The main activitiy is coating by galvanizing and centrifugal galvanizing. SIGNUM offers this to customers in 5 plants in Czech republic and 2 plants in Slowakia. SIGNUM also offers three layer PE cating of steel pipes for storage pipelines and we are major supplier of steel structures.

Customer requirements:

The customer needs to solve the cooling of products after galvanizing. The products are placed in baskets. It is necessary to cool down the products and to remove galvanizing debris on individual parts.

The aim was to automate the ends of galvanizing lines in tight space. Also the focus was to remove hard manual work and to improve the personal safety.

Our solution:

The cooling is done by puting the galvanized material into a cooling bath with a transporter and following placement of the galvanized material on moveable gutter which moves the material on a steel pallet.

The operator puts by a crane the basket with hot galvanized material on a basket conveyor. The basket is after a button confirmation automatically moved to a turner which empties the basket into a cooling bath. In the cooling bath there is a perforated cooling basket so the debris falls through on a transporter which takes the debris out of the cooling bath. After an adjustable time the cooling basket is taken out of the bath and eptied on a moveable gutter. This places the cooled material onto a steel pallet.

Realisation date:


Palletiser for trays with cups