Palletization a depalletization of KEGs

Top beer needs top technology.

Palletization a depalletization of KEGs


Family brewery  BERNARD a.s.

Customer description:

Family brewery BERNARD in Humpolec has reached much success and every year, there are more prestige valuations. You can meet the brand BERNARD not only in the CZECH Republic, but in many other countries. In year 2009, the production of brewery exceeded the border 200 thousand hl of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beer.

Reqiurements of the customer:

Modernization and automation  of the  beginning and the  end of the filling line of KEG barrels with performance of  300 barrels per hour.

The intention of brewery was to obtain the  most up to date technology for palletisation and depalletisation of KEG barrels. The  technology had to  be  able to unstack pallets, do  fitting control and  uncapping of barrel on the depalletisation side. On the  palletisation side, the requirement was for testing fitting  tightness before capping, capping barrels, palletising of barrels. Part of palletisation is fixation of barrels on  the  pallet, application of labels A5, stacking of pallets. For this requirement, the design  of palletisation of barrels with  the use of industrial robot suited best.

Our solution

We used a  pair of six axes industrial robots.

Palletisation  robot, except palletisation itself,  makes the  fitting  tightness  control , capping of the  barrel and their turn. The  biggest advantage of this solution is economy and minimal built up space.

Company  Atrima designed efficient and technically unique solution of  palletisation with the  use of industry robot. The result is  100% technological efficiency of palletisation, trouble free run and work safety.

KR 240 R 2500 prime (KR QUANTEC prime) Type KR 240 R 2500 prime  is specially optimased for maximum space saving, density of installation and differant possibilities of assembly. It has load limit to  240  kg and reach up to  2 500  mm.

Date of realization


Palletization a depalletization of KEGs