Manipulator for press operations

Machine for automatical insertion and orientation of semi-finished products into a hydraulic press.

Manipulator for press operations


Frauenthal Automotive Hustopeče

Customer description:

With a market share of over 60%, Frauenthal Automotive is by far the largest manufacturer of airtanks in Europe.

Customer requirements:

The customer needed to solve an automatical insertion and removal of airtank bottoms into/from a hydraulic press after finished operation.

The intend was to replace incovnenient robotical workplace by a modern automatical key made equipment.

Our solution:

We proposed a two axis manipulator with clamping head.

The bottom of the airtanks is transported into the manipulator by a roller conveyor. The bottoms are separated by stoppers and the last one is lifted into a gripping position. The manipulator clamps the botom, turns it by 180° and puts it into the hydraulic press.

Realisation date:


Manipulator for press operations