Low infeed palletizer for PET bottle packs

The PET bottles infeed is at a height of 1.000 mm.

Low infeed palletizer for PET bottle packs


VODAX a.s. – Slovensko

Customer description:

Vodax company took over the production and distribution of Lucka spring water in 2002. Through its responsible approach, it gradually extended its coverage of Slovakia to the entire territory and gained almost all large and small regional chains of shops as customers. In 2007 the company built new production facilities – its bottling plant for non-alcoholic beverages in the municipality of Lúka near the world-famous Piešťany spa. The new premises equipped with modern technologies enable absolute quality control. With the construction of this new building, the company reacted to the new world trends in the beverage industry and in doing so kept its satisfied customers in mind.

Customer requirements:

The customer needed to build a new filling hall because of increasing interest in his products. We have been chosen as the supplier of the dry part of the filling line.

The aim of the customer was to automate the end of a new filling line.

Our solution:

Low infeed palletizer AP 511

Automatical machine used for palletizing of cartons, packagings or crates on a pallet. The product infeed is in low height of about 1000mm and the product is smoothly palletized over a transfer plate. Capacity up to 120 layers/hour.

  • Solid machine frame ensures maximal rigidity and minimal used space.
  • The frame is welded from bended carbon steel profiles.
  • The frame of the palletising head is fixed on four chains which ensure its vertical movement.
  • The palletising head carries the palletising plate which ensures exact and smooth palletising with the option to create gaps in the layers.
  • The pallet is static only the palletising head is moving.
  • The machine is equiped with integrated interlayer applicator which inserts the interlayers between the layers according to the choosen programme.
  • The interlayers are filled into the magazine manually.
  • Simple but effective design solution ensures smooth and carefull handling of all types of products.
  • The modular design enables to organize the machines with optimal usage of the given area.


Realisation date:


Low infeed palletizer for PET bottle packs