High-infeed palletiser for cartons

Two frame palletisers for cartons with common pallet magazine, equipped with automatic interlayer applicator.

High-infeed palletiser for cartons


Dairy KUNÍN – Ostrava Martinov

Customer description:

Almost 65 years we supply Czech and Slovak customers the highest quality dairy products. The whole time we strictly pay attention to the quality of input raw materials and are constantly reviewing the quality of production processes to keep the quality of products. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic has appreciated our products by awarding us the KlasA mark. Four times we have been honored good brand in the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Customer requirements:

The dairy had a task to replace current, technically unsatisfactory palletiser of cartons with milk by a new technology.

The aim of the dairy was the acquisition of as possible the latest technology available for storing cartons on a pallet with paper interlayers between each layer. This requirements were best fulfilled by our proposal of a palletising solution with two frame high-infeed palletisers which use the advantage of the height of the infeed conveyors.

Our solution:

We used a pair of frame high-infeed palletisers, using two common magazines for pallets. The transport of the pallets into the palletisers we solved by using interoperational transfer car. The main advantage of this solution is minimal built-up area and the accuracy of the carton storing on a pallet.

Universal device for storing cartons, crates or group packages on a pallet. Goods enter into the machine at a higher altitude (2,000 mm or more) and are gently deposited by a transfer sheet. Performance up to 200 layers / hour.

Compact frame design with transfer of the layers with products on a pallet by a transfer sheet.

  • Robust machine frame ensures maximum rigidity and minimum built-up area.
  • The frame is welded from bented sections made ​​of carbon steel.
  • Pallet head consists of a transfer sheet and the centering device, allowing accurate storage with the option to create gaps between the products.
  • Pallet head remains in place, the pallet moves vertically below it on a vertical transport.
  • The vertical transport frame for the pallet is stored on four chains which ensure its vertical motion.
  • The machine is equipped with an integrated interlayer inserter, which according to the software, inserts between layers of product interlayers from a magazine.
  • Interlayers must be puted into the magazine by hand.
  • Simple and effective design ensures smooth and gentle handling even for heavy products.
  • The modular principle enables to organize aggregates according the claim for optimum use of space.
  • The equipment complies with the relevant EU directives on machines and equipment including criterias for noise level.

Technical parameters:

Usage: for cartons, group packages, crates and similar goods
Capacity: up to 200 layers / hour
Pallets: Europallets 1200 x 800 mm and all common sizes
Interlayers: Cardboard

Realisation date:


High-infeed palletiser for cartons