Depalletiser of new bottles

The customer needed to solve the depalletisation of new bottles with a volume of 0.5 l and 0.33 l and their supply to a filling line with the capacity of 28,000 bottles / hr.

Depalletiser of new bottles


Brewery Samson České Budějovice

Customer description:

Českobudějovický Brewery Samson expects that its production in 2012 will increase annually by about 15 percent. Last year, the brewery brewed around 160,000 hectoliters of beer. In an interview the brewery manager Pavel Homolka said this. The company was founded last year by separation from the Budweiser brewery.

Customer requirements:

The brewery had the task to automate the de-palletizing of bottles at the beginning of the filling line. The task was to remove physical strenuous labor and increase technological efficiency.

The aim of the brewery was the acquisition of as possible the latest technology available for depalletising of bottles with automatic removing of interlayers and their buffering. The requirement was to have a complete depalletisation line incl. pallet conveyors and pallet magazine.

Our solution:

We used the downward depalletiser with automatic interlayer removing. A part of the depalletiser are input conveyor for pallets, interlayer magazine and pallet magazine. The main advantage of this solution is minimal built-up area, and technological equipment efficiency.

It is a device of a frame concept with retaining arm. The entire system consists of a vertical transport, side centering, pallet conveyor, front centering, layer pusher, back centering, stop plate, stop wall, pallet stop, interlayer remover and pallet magazine. An outfeed table follows. Depalletiser takes the bottles off the pallets by pushing the individual layers, while holding the interlayers under the pushed layer and all the other lower layers of bottles using the holding frame. This ensures the high-capacity.

The modular design allows as far as possible to adjust the final machine design to the requirements and space possibilities of the customer. The system can be further amended or extended by new elements.

Realisation date:


Depalletiser of new bottles