Robotic palletization of cans and cartons

POWERFUL ROBOTIC PALLETIZATION OF GROUPS - cans and cartons with appropriate conveyors, connecting to the line with wrapping machine with overlap.

Robotic palletization of cans and cartons


Robotic palletizing of group packaging – cans (tray) and bottles (cardboard)
Power of the filler GLASS: monoblock 11.000 bottles / hour
CANS: monoblock 15.000 cans / hour
Guaranteed machine performance GLASS: palletization 12.000 bottles / hour
CANS: palletization 15.000 cans / hour
Manipulated goods-

dimensions, weight


GLASS: 0,33 l bottle; 9 cartons / layer (bonded)                0.5 l  bottle; 8 cartons / layer (unbound)

CANS: 0.33 l and 0.5 l,

Tray – 12 pc, 18 pc a 24 pc

Number of  layers GLASS: max 6

CANS:  7 – 0,5 l,  10 – 0,3 l

Interlayers – dimension, number and position on the pallet Without Interlayers
Pallet – type, size, max. height, orientation EUR +DD pallet
Robot Robot ABB IRB 660-250/3.15 Master
Wrapping machine Wrapping machine- WMS automatic
Assortment change Manually

Robotic palletization of cans and cartons