Robotic mixing of PET bottles

Efficient and reliable palletization for the food industry.

Robotic mixing of PET bottles

Palletization of PET bottles of various sizes for a dairy.

ADVANTAGES: flexible, gentle handling of goods

Basic description

Robotic palletizer for a mix of yogurts
Guaranteed machine performance 4000 bottles / hour for all compositions and combinations
Manipulated goods – dimensions, weights, PET bottles

350 ml a 400 ml

Number of layers 6 for all combinations
Interlayers – dimension, number and position on the pallet Located between each layer.
Paperboard  1050 x 680 x 1.5 mm.
Pallet – type, size, max. height, orientation EUR  1200 x 800 mm
Assortment change Automatic


Robotic mixing of PET bottles