Machining and riveting center

The use of industrial robot in the production of laminated garage doors.

Machining and riveting center


Lomax & Co spol. s r.o.

Customer description:

Company Lomax & Co. spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1992 and today is the biggest producer of garage doors, window roller blinds and fences and gates in Czech republic.

Lomax is the only company in Czech Republic, which produces all panels for sectional doors itself. Thanks to this the quality level was shifted upwards so the LOMAX brand has become synonymous with safety, strength and durability. Suppliers of components and equipment for the production are only reputable companies meeting the standards and EU legislation and are always the among the leading companies in its field with a guarantee of quality.

Customer requirements:

The need to increase the capacity and accuracy of production of garage door slats led by Lomax & Co. spol. s.r.o. to start a tender for the supply of a workplace for segments machining.

Company Atrima attended the selection process and in addition to reasonable pricing terms was as the only company able to meet all the technical requirements.

Our solution:

Company Atrima, spol. s.r.o. proposed a powerful robotic workplace for machining sectional door lamellas.

At one clamping of the lamellas in a special two-part, automatically transformable table, not only all the necessary hole drilling is done, but also milling of the holes and riveting. The whole process is based on the automatic transmission of data using a bar code that stores all the data needed for clamping and machining. The data encoded in the barcode reader are transferred via the control system of the table and the robot. The table is automatically adjusted according to the width and length of the lamellas, the robot performs all machining and riveting operations.

Realisation date:


Machining and riveting center