Low level palletizer

The first palletizer from our new modular palletizer line which will be introduced on the market during this year.

Low level palletizer


INDEX 6 – Bulgaria

Customer description:

INDEX-6® is represented on three continents by its reliably working equipment in various industry sectors. At this time the machines manufactured by INDEX-6® are into exploitation in hundreds of companies, among which are world-famous brands, moderate and small size companies.

Customer requirements:

The customer needed to extend the portfolio of offered technologies by a high quality and high reliable palletisers and depalletisers.

The intend of the customer is to offer complete filling lines to end users. This is possible thanks to our machines at the beginning and the end of the lines.

Our solution:

Low-infeed palletiser AP 511

Automatical layer palletizer for trays, group packagings, crates, etc. on a pallet. The goods infeed is in a level of cca. 1.000mm and the palletization is made over a palletizing plate. Capacity up to 120 layers/hour.

  • Frame conception of the machine ensures maximal stiffnes by minimal area necessary.
  • The frame is welded from bended black steel profiles.
  • The frame of the palletising head is stored on 4 chains which ensure the vertical movement.
  • The palletising head carries a plate to enable exact storing of goods on a pallet even with gaps in the layer pattern.
  • The pallet is stationary and only the palletising head is moving.
  • The machine is equipped with an interlayer applicator to put interlayers on an empty pallet, between the layers or on the top o fthe pallet.
  • The simple but efective design guarantees smooth and careful handling even with heavy products.
  • The machine fulfils all relevant european directives


Realisation date:


Low level palletizer