Carton palletiziation line


Carton palletiziation line

Successfully designed, programmed and tested carton palletizing lines using the reliable AP 112.

Precise high-level palletizer AP 112 with wrapping machine for a Czech customer.

The robust, rigid frame ensures reliable operation of the device and its long life. The main advantage of this solution is economy and minimal built-up area.

Atrima has designed a powerful and technically unique palletizing solution. The result is 100% technological efficiency of palletizing, trouble-free operation and work safety.

ADVANTAGES: robustness, reliability, speed, durability, space saving, time saving

Basic description Palletization of cartons from packing lines 1 and 2
Filler performance 20 cartons/min
Guaranteed equipment performance 30 cartons/min
Manipulated goods – dimensions, weights, orientation at the entrance of the Atrima interface Cardboard boxes – 300 x 400 a 400 x 600H=230-330mm, 2.300-3.500g, short side first
Orientation on a pallet, composition of the pallet 2×4 wide side first at 300 x 4002×2 short side first at 400 x 600
Number of products per layer 8 or 4
Number of layers 5-8
Interleaves – size, number and location on the pallet No
Pallet – type, size, max. Height, orientation Euro 800 x 1200
Barcode orientation 400 x 600 always printed on the forehead
Dimensions of inlet openings 4000 x 4000 mm
Assortment change Automatically
Temperature range +5°C to +40°C
Carton palletiziation line