Depalletization of cans and glasses for food industry

Depalletization of cans and glasses for food industry

High-performance and reliable depalletizing machine AD662 for an international client in the food industry for cans and glasses.


Basic descripcion Depalletiser of full cans or glasses with steel (magnetic) lid,

low outfeed

  Guaranteed machine performance 5 layers / 2min
Handled goods – dimensions/weights/orientations Cans: 0,5 l – pr.75mm; h=109,5mm; weight 0,49kg

0,75l – pr.86mm; h115,4mm; weight 0,75kg

1l – pr.99; h=118mm; weight 0,98kg


 Number of products per layer Cans: 0,5l – 225ks/layer; 2250ks/pal.; 120kg/layer; arrangement 15×15

0,75l – 169ks/layer; 1690ks/ pal.; 130kg/layer; arrangement 13×13

1l – 121ks/layer; 1210ks/pal.; 130kg/layer; arrangement 11×11

Number of layers on pallet Cans: 10 layers
Layer pads between layers (number) 1200x1000x2-3mm; 200g/m2;
Pallet dimensions, material and oreintation pallete 1000x1200mm;
 Number of empty pallets in the stack 10
maximum pallet hight 1500mm
Product change – method Automatic from operator panel
Shift operation 24 hours/ 5 days/week