Automation of workplaces for automotive

Automation of workplaces for automotive

We ship equipment for automation of casting workplaces for automotive.

ADVANTAGES: high performance, flexibility, minimal built-up area


Basic description There  are two workplaces

Palletization of engine blocks from casting machines. Some blocks are inspected at the inspection workplace. IC parts are stored in a pallet with thorns, two layers on top of each other without spacers. The bad ones are “thrown” into the basket of the bad ones.

Guaranteed time of the device 90 sec
Manipulated goods – dimensions, weights, orientation at the entrance of the Atrima interface Engine blocks
Number of products per layer Three-cylinder: 15Four-cylinder: 10
Number of layers 2
Interleaves – size, number and location on the pallet No Interleaves
Height of the spherical workplace 850-900  mm
Assortment change Automatically